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What is FrontPageYou? is a website that allows you to upload any photo and put it on the cover of a unique magazine. Users can then publish their magazine to their own social networking profile like facebook or myspace or their own website, blog. also offers framed prints of the unique magazine covers as the perfect unique photo gift.

When did launch?

The site launched in October 2008.

How do I make my own magazine cover?

Creating your own magazine company is actually quite easy. The first thing you need to do is visit our home page, and upload a photo from your computer. Currently supports images that are JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Once you've uploaded your image, you'll then be able to zoom in and out and position the image while selecting from our wide array of magazine covers. Instantly your image will be transformed into a magazine cover. You'll then get the opportunity to add your own headlines, and then publish/download/buy a framed print securely online.

What image types do you accept? supports image uploads that are JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. We vet all covers created on the site to protect children and will always delete any illicit or adult based images.

How big can the image be?

The image size should not exceed 5 MB. Make sure you choose a good quality image with a clear view of the subject.

Can I make my own headline?

Making a full headline and text customization is easy with Frontpageyou. All you have to do is make sure your register for free at step 2 of the magazine cover creation process. You can add 3 lines of text and also choose your own colour too!

How do I put my magazine on my website, blog, or profile?

Adding your mag to a website, blog or profile is easy! After you've completed the magazine creation process, you will see a page that displays your "code" as well as a variety of little icons and buttons. Each button represents a social network you can "automatically" post to (MySpace, Facebook, etc). By clicking the icon and entering your login information your image will automatically be added to your profile. If you'd rather do it yourself, or you're adding your image to a webpage or blog, you can simply click inside the "code" box and copy the code. After you've copied it, simply paste it where you want it to display and you're done!

I ordered a framed print, how can I get more information on my order?

To get answers to your ordering questions please email with your name and email address you ordered with.

How many magazine covers can I make?

Itís Unlimited! You can make as many covers as you'd like! They are completely free and we don't have any limit.

Do you store my private information? does not store any log-in information for your social networking accounts. All of the automatic posting is done through a safe third party called Gigya and we do not store any of the information for your privacy.

Someone uploaded a picture of me and I want it deleted, how do I do that?

If there is an image of you uploaded that you did not authorize, please contact us and we will delete it. It's important that you give us the exact filename of the image in question so we can review and delete it. Without the filename or a link to the page you found it on, there's nothing we can do!

How do I delete my magazine from my profile?

We hope you never want to remove your custom magazine - but if you do, you simply need to log into your profile, find the section the image is in, and remove the code manually.

How can I contact

You can contact through our contact page . If you are interested in advertising / business inquiries, please visit those specific pages for more information and contact details.

How can I give you feedback or leave a testimonial?

You can leave us a testimonial here, or send us an email with any feedback . We are always interested in hearing your opinions and how you think we can improve our web site and service.

How can I get my cover on the homepage?

Simple, really, just make sure you put a tick in the box on Step 3 of the magazine creation and if your cover is approved it will appear on the web site homepage marquee instantly.

Why do I have to register?

To be able to add personalised headlines to magazine covers you must register. It is FREE to register and only takes 1 minute. We will now and then send a news email telling you of any new features or special offers available at the site so please make sure you put in a primary email address.

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